Team Reel Quest is a private/charter sport fishing team based in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  She is a 68 ft. Hatteras Convertible Launched in 2006.  She was brought to Cabo as Team Reel Quest in the beginning of 2010.

Team Reel Quest has since derived about a 150 days a year fishing habit consisting mostly of fishing out of Cabo. Species include blue, black and stripe marlin, tuna, dorado, wahoo and sailfish.

Two to three times a year Team Reel Quest makes trips to either the buffer zones off the Revillagegigedos Archepelago. Target species is Cow yellowfin and wahoo by the bunch. Or she makes her way to Magdalena Bay to take advantage of the renowned stripe marlin fishery.  You will also find Team Reel Quest in Puerto Vallarta from time to time in search of cow tunas and big blue marlin.

Team Reel Quest has also set off on a mission of a lifetime. In 2012 Team Reel Quest decided to take a 5-month trip along the Pacific coast of Central America. Destination Tropic Star Lodge located on the southwestern coast of Panama fishing giant black and blue marlin.

Making their way back up the coast enjoying the fruits of Hannibal bank and the nutrient rich waters of the offshore seamounts of Gulfito, CR.  Spending two more months in the famous Los Suenos Marina of Herradura, Cr. Fishing for sailfish and blue marlin.

Team Reel Quest has been fortunate enough to enjoy fishing and exploring the oceans in a way not seen by many. This website was created to share our experiences with family and friends new and old.